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    "Make the Look"

    At EWE, we knit and sew. If you visit the shop you will see us wearing our handmade clothes and knit sweaters everyday!

    Hands down, the patterns and materials we sell the most of are what we have on our bodies. Customers love seeing the patterns and materials "in action" and feel confident that their choice will turn into a garment they will love and wear.

    Since shopping in person is not possible for everyone, we have decided to create "MAKE THE LOOK" bundles to help you choose patterns and materials you want to knit or sew with. Each bundle will feature a pattern (knit or sewn) that we have made and love to wear.

    Bundles will come packed in our exclusive EWE project sack with contents varying depending upon the project.

    Our EWE project bags feature a custom design by local artist, Emily Ruth Prints. Emily screen prints the bags by hand right here in Charlottesville. The bags are 100% cotton and close with a drawstring, perfect for storing sewing and knitting projects alike!  

    The bundles will be available until we run out of materials, since as a small shop, our inventory is limited and changes up frequently. If you see a look you love, grab a bundle and get making.