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    It has been a whole 2 years since we taught a class in the shop. We have really missed teaching and are trying to get some classes on the schedule very soon (April 2022). Thanks for your patience and hope to see you in class soon.

    Skill level:

    Each class description includes a skill level, identified in the chart below. While it is our goal to accommodate all students, we cannot always attend to students who come into a class without the prerequisites. Please read the class description and reference this chart carefully when registering:

    For our knitting classes, refer to this skill chart:
    True Beginner It is this student's first time picking up knitting needles — we'll teach her everything she needs to know!
    Beginner This student is beginning to feel comfortable with the basic hand motions of knitting. She can knit and purl and she can recognize knit and purl stitches.
    Beginning-Intermediate This student is fairly comfortable with basic knitting skills (knitting, purling, increasing, decreasing). She can read a simple knitting pattern and she may have some experience with cabling, lacework, or other techniques.
    Advanced The advanced student is confident in basic knitting skills (knitting, purling, different kinds of increases and decreases) and is able to identify and recognize stitches in her own knitting (i.e. K2Tog versus SSK). She can read most knitting patterns and has experience with a wide aray of knitting teachniques.
    For any of our non-knitting classes, refer to this skill chart:

    It is this student's first time doing the craft featured in the class— we'll teach her everything she needs to know!


    This student is familiar with the craft featured in the class and probably has a few projects under her belt.


    This student is confident with the craft featured in the class and has done many projects without assistance.

    Class size:

    All our classes are limited-enrollment. Classes with fewer than 3 students enrolled 72 hours prior to the start of the class may be canceled or rescheduled.


    Most of our classes are taught by experienced in-house instructors, and you can find their bios here. Occasionally we offer classes with guest instructors, in which case information about the instructor is listed in the class description.

    Cancelations & refunds:

    If for whatever reason you want to withdraw from a class, please contact us at least 72 hours before the scheduled start time for the class for a full refund. Cancellations less than 72 hours in advance of the class start time are not eligible for a refund.

    Class schedule:

    Your registration is valid for the dates listed in the description for the class. We offer most of our knitting classes on a rotating basis. Some classes, like Knit 101, happen several times a year; other classes may only happen once or twice a year. Specialty classes with guest instructors may only happen once. If you want to know if a class is likely to be offered again in the future, contact us or call the shop at 434-409-9095.


    Our classes are for adults only, unless otherwise indicated.