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    Featuring Twig & Horn's Stone Wool

    Friday, Oct. 12, 4-8PM 

    Join us in the shop for a special Friday night knitting event. We will be "sampling" two of our newest breed-specific American yarns from Twig & Horn. Snacks, drinks, and yarn, will be provided. Stop by for a quick taste or spend the evening with us.

    We will be giving away some doors prizes. One skein of Stone Wool Cormo and 1 skein of Stone Wool Corriedale.

    Please bring some knitting needles to use. SW Cormo is worsted weight and SW Corriedale is aran weight so needles in sizes US8 - US10 should be fine.

    Stone Wool Cormo

    Worsted Weight
    100% American Cormo Wool

    Here is what Twig & Horn says about the Cormo:

    "We worked with Mountain Meadow mill to create a special method of fiber preparation, one that marries woolen and worsted processes. The result is a unique yarn with woolen-spun’s airy loft and worsted’s strength. Springy, lofty, and with a substantial hand, Stone Wool Cormo offers crisp stitch definition and elegant texture in knitting."

    Stone Wool Corriedale

    Aran Weight
    100% New York Corriedale

    Here is what Twig & Horn says about the Corriedale:

    "The Corriedale breed developed from crossing fine-wool Merinos with longwool Lincoln sheep, a combination that created soft-to-the-touch wool with a long staple length. Stone Wool Corriedale is spun from carefully sourced Corriedale fleeces, and strikes the perfect balance of hard-wearing and supple. Knits can be worn close to the skin, and will wear well as they age from season to season."