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Merchant & Mills Harvest Haze Linen Collection
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    Studio Tunic Fabric Collection

    The Studio Tunic is the newest release by Sew Liberated as part of their Beyond Sewing Basics course.  This is a timeless piece that can be used as a wardrobe building layer or more of a classic apron. Perfect for throwing over an existing outfit to change the look, or as a workhorse piece in the studio, garden and kitchen. We love the idea of using a heavier fabric, like denim or twill or canvas for a more hardwearing (and working layer).

    Elise sewed her Studio Tunic out of Organic Cotton Duck Canvas, Jessamy made her studio tunic from Cairo Linen.

    In this collection you will find everything you need to sew a Studio Tunic:

    • a curated selection of fabrics that are perfect for a Studio Tunic
    • a selection of notions, including thread, and interfacing.
    • copy_shop pattern printing.



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