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    Arthur Pants Fabric Collection

    Oh how we love the Arthur Pants! It is a bit of a dramatic silhouette but wearing them feels really amazing. We have sewn these pants in a variety of fabrics, from really lightweight linen to heavy bull denim. The full elasticized waist is better for lighter fabrics while more structured fabrics benefit from sewing the pleated and zippered view.

    In this collection you will find everything you need to sew some fabulous Arthur Pants:

    • a curated selection of fabrics
    • "Make The Look" sewing bundles
    • a selection of notions
    • an option to print your PDF Copy_Shop file for the Arthur Pants pattern. (if you order a "Make The Look" bundle the printed copy_shop pattern is included).

    In the photos, shop owner Deren is wearing the elastic waist Arthur Pants in black Sahara Linen, and zippered versions in Linen Indigo Chambray and Brushed Bull Denim Twill.

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