Introduction To Finishing Techniques: Saturday - February 17

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EWE School is designed to help you expand and perfect your knitting skills. Our free series of focused, 60-90 minute workshops emphasize one skill or topic per session.

The workshops series is free with topics rotating on a weekly basis. Pick and choose the workshops you'd like to attend. Some workshops will require you to make a swatch beforehand, so read the details before you come.

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EWE School: Finishing Techniques

10:00-11:30AM on Saturday, February 17

Do you find that you cast-on more often than you cast-off? Is fear of lose ends, dread of mattress seam, or confusion about different cast-off techniques keeping you from enjoying nearly-finished knits? This class provides an overview of some basic finishing techniques in knitting: how to weave in ends, what to consider when choosing a cast-off technique, when and how to seam, etc.

**Note: This class is a nice precursor to our next EWE school, "The Essential Art of Blocking,” which will be on March 17.