EWE Silver Stitch Marker Necklace

EWE Silver Stitch Marker Necklace

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Back by popular demand, these sterling silver stitchmarker necklaces are hand-made in Charlottesville exclusivlety for EWE. Designed by the lovely Susie of ROSEBERRY HEARTWELL Fine Handcrafted Jewelry. Each silver pendant is hand formed and hammered, comes with a silver EWE marker and 4 brass markers. Add your own markers or jewels as you like.

The pendants measure approximately 1" x 1.75". They are made my hand so each is unique. They come hanging on a 38" leather cord which can be knotted to your prefered length. We tend to wear ours long so the cord slips over our heads.

We have a limited number of these beauties in stock and will take pre-orders once our supply runs out. We ask for 2 weeks to complete pre-orders.