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    3rd Annual Yarn Amnesty
    October 1 - October 6 2019
    Knitting season is coming and if you are anything like us, your knitting list is growing daily. It is time to take a good hard look at your stash. So, while the lovely chartreuse yarn seemed perfect for that cute cardigan you wanted to knit a few years ago, maybe it doesn't seem so exciting now. Well fear not, at EWE we make cleaning out your stash painless and guilt free.
    How it works:
    During the first week of October, bring us any yarn (and we mean any yarn) that you no longer want, we will weigh it, and for every pound you will receive $1 in store credit.
    Where does the yarn go?
    All of the yarn will be sorted and donated to various local organizations. Your unwanted yarn could end up being hats and blankets for sick babies, and cancer patients, or be used to teach knitting to incarcerated, homeless and other people in need. 
    What are you waiting for? Start cleaning now.
    We make it as easy as possible, no appointment necessary, just come in any time during regular business hours from October 1 - October 6.