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    Use our sewing studio for $7/hr. 

    Our studio space is open whenever the shop is open, except for times when it is occupied by a scheduled class. You can drop-in any time or call ahead at 434-409-9095 to confirm availability.

    We provide:

    • Janome sewing machines and a Janome serger*
    • a large ironing table, an Oslo iron, and some specialty ironing tools (a tailor's ham, a seam roll)
    • Two large cutting tables
    • Specialty cutting tools (fabric shears, pinking shears, duckbill scissors, rotary cutters, etc.) 
    • General tools and notions (seam ripper, measuring tape, pins, bobbins, pattern weights, etc.)
    • Immediate access to any additional sewing notions or supplies for purchase

    You must supply:

    • Appropriate new machine needles for each project
    • Thread
    • Your (pre-washed) fabrics & patterns

    Please note: use of the studio space is not class time. We are happy to answer general questions or assist if there are any issues with the provided equipment, but we cannot offer instruction during this time.

    *We have a Janome AirThread 2000D Professional serger and the following sewing machines: a Magnolia 7330, a Sewist 500, a 4120 QDC, and a 4300 QDC